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Prized Possession

I was honored to have my piece on the Reverend James Maury and Patrick Henry published in this year's Journal of the American Revolution.  It was a landmark case -- even in Virginia colonial law -- that laid the groundwork…

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The “Parson’s Cause” and Religious Freedom

Mix together the failed at almost every career but gifted speaker and tavern bon vivant Patrick Henry; his father -- the judge, who like all smart Virginians married up and to a widow (think George Washington); an uncle -- the…

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How the Holy Mackerel Beats the Sacred Cod

So in Boston, one should always to be on the lookout for the choicest seafood. And we found it in the most unusual place. Cod, haddock, hake, scrod [had it once with soup d'jour, both were great], you can find…

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Thinking Jefferson, Remembering Reagan

I came more than three years late to Jon Meacham's Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power; but having completed it over the down time between Christmas and New Year's, I couldn't help but be drawn back into 2016 presidential campaign -- particularly the…

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