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Return of Cobra Kai? In the Backyard Peonies

Each of the three grandchildren in their explorations of the estate in the Far Reaches of Fairfax have discovered a turtle in the cool of the shrubbery by the manse's front step.  The youngest, turning 8 in a matter of…

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Before Today’s April Showers

The front of the estate in the Far Reaches of Fairfax had taken on a colorful life of its own. The orange blossoms [which don't always appear] are on the verge. The white need more work, but are coming along.…

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The Whining of the “Sunflower” Patriots.

    The "world" fell in on them when gas prices rose and airlines and cruise lines were slapping fuel surcharges on their  travel plans.   It was a mighty price “Sunflower” patriots had to bear after sanctions were laid…

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What Remains: Ash Wednesday Evening

Although we had fish for dinner yesterday, we did have a piece each of the remaining King Cake [note baby in image]. Since Lillian found the King, actually when she opened the box Sunday -- lying on top, not inside…

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