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So journalism isn’t making money …

Some creative ideas of how "to read all about it" as weeklies and dailies sicken, weaken, and die.  

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Reading Is Fundamental … But We Ain’t Doing It

And Yep, West "By Golly" Virginia Is a Bookstore Leader! [Horrible Headline on a Tre Interesting Story] WASHINGTONPOST.COM Analysis | The unfortunate way Americans afford their Christmas spending sprees, and more! This week, we explore how American consumers

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In First State

I had the good fortune to speak Dec. 6 to the Wilmington, Del., Civil War Round Table: An attentive and inquisitive audience. Remy Caimi, with me before my presentation, gave a short informative take on Lincoln and the oaths of…

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The Burning Bush [actually tree]

Nope, it doesn't happen every year, but '23 the Burning Bush exploded with color. So without charge, here is your view of what lays towards the woods and creek beyond my home office. This certainly marks the official arrival of…

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Thank You American Civil War Roundtable, Queensland

Spent a delightful morning here [starting before 7] and evening there discussing Confederate desperate measures in naval warfare: Torpedoes [mines] and Subs [beyond Hunley} My second time with Dr. Jack Ford and the round table's members.,with%20an%20Australia-wide

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O Say Can You See

  Well, there was no Naval Academy in Annapolis when Francis Scott Key began his law studies in Maryland's capital and certainly before he penned his "hit tune."  But the Graduate Hotel certainly remembered young Francis with this room key. …

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Naval Institute’s 150th Anniversary

Lillian and I enjoyed ourselves Oct. 9 at the gala marking USNI's 150th anniversary of its founding. The book's title incorporates the Naval Institute's spirit. The sword pictured here complements the book since it is a marker. The event was…

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