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Print in 2022 — And By the Numbers

s I spent two hours with the Post and Times this morning, and still have sections [including the magazines] to read. I saved the NYT's Kid's monthly special for a grandchild, but admittedly did not read it. We subscribe to…

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Big Thank You

The Hampton Roads Civil War Roundtable couldn't have been any more gracious in inviting me to speak Sept. 22 at their meeting in Virginia Beach and attentive as an audience with topical questions on the "Scientist at War," Matthew Fontaine…

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Been Way Too Long! We Had to be There

  Since the plague began Lillian and I have not been actually by the ocean -- until Thursday when I had a speaking engagement in Virginia Beach. Sure, it doesn't "measure up" to really traveling to exotic places that some…

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The Royal Navy’s North Americans

Sean Heuvel, John Rodgaard (eds.), From Across the Sea: North Americans in Nelson’s Navy (Warwick, United Kingdom: Helion & Company, 2020), maps, illustrations, index, footnotes, references, 283 pp. From the big picture, North America and “the Great War” and Impressment,…

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Very Important Part of My Life: The Tag

I received this engraved tag yesterday from a former student of mine at the Shenango Valley Campus of Penn State where I began teaching a half century ago. In a letter that accompanied the tag, which I attached to the…

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The Sweet Fruit of “Gas Money”

I usually go to a nearby farmer’s market around 9:30 Sunday mornings. I am not there for the crafts or prepared food from the vendors, but to buy produce from farms about 100 miles from where we live in the…

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Dateline for the Ages: ‘Around the Triangle’

Today's Washington Post And for ye of "little faith," here's the online version of where this story is coming from The Washington Post Many young Democrats are furious at Democrats. But they’re pushing through. Danielle Paquette - Yesterday 6:39 PM…

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Guess Who’s Coming to … Lunch?

So in the early afternoon, two hungry fawns made their way from the treeline to the backyard to check on our grass crop [and presumably other edibles}. I saw them on the slope outside the basement office, pulled out the…

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