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Our 11th Anniversary — A Little Late

Before Lillian and I set out to mark our 11th anniversary, two days late, I shot these images. The first shows the splendid growth of a unique exchange of a plant from a contractor to customer for our courtesy. The…

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Children of the Same Foul Spirit

Bells being rung at Shanksville, Pa., commemorating 20th anniversary of terrorist attack on the United States. (Photo: NBC News) I certainly never believed that George W. Bush was much of an orator, always looking like a smirking prep boy when…

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Cusp of Summer –the Painter’s Gift

  The plague forced us to put off  a number of projects around the house. Most noticeably to the residents was the need to repaint the kitchen and installing a protective rail to prevent chairs from scruffing the wall before…

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Maybe Joe Read THE Book

Maybe Joe Read THE Book "This legislation is about giving the backbone of this nation -- the essential workers, the working people who built this country, the people who keep this country going -- a fighting chance" is what President…

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