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Dateline for the Ages: ‘Around the Triangle’

Today's Washington Post And for ye of "little faith," here's the online version of where this story is coming from The Washington Post Many young Democrats are furious at Democrats. But they’re pushing through. Danielle Paquette - Yesterday 6:39 PM…

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Guess Who’s Coming to … Lunch?

So in the early afternoon, two hungry fawns made their way from the treeline to the backyard to check on our grass crop [and presumably other edibles}. I saw them on the slope outside the basement office, pulled out the…

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On the Water — Wilmington, N.C.

  Lillian shot this "twin selfie" when we took the Wilmington harbor tour with attendees at the annual meeting of the North American Society for Oceanic History. So it was appropriate for the occasion. Tied to a pier close to…

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So Glad to Be Able to Attend

With the plague continuing, being able to physically be with people at an event you want participate in has been dicey and fraught. It was so wonderful to be present at the North American Society for Oceanic History conference for…

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Return of Cobra Kai? In the Backyard Peonies

Each of the three grandchildren in their explorations of the estate in the Far Reaches of Fairfax have discovered a turtle in the cool of the shrubbery by the manse's front step.  The youngest, turning 8 in a matter of…

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Before Today’s April Showers

The front of the estate in the Far Reaches of Fairfax had taken on a colorful life of its own. The orange blossoms [which don't always appear] are on the verge. The white need more work, but are coming along.…

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