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[Wrong] Sign of the Times — A First World Problem

A Geographical Identity Crisis
Has Fallen on the Far Reaches of Fairfax
A mighty wind [no, not the folk mockumentary] raged across the region in recent weeks blowing down critically important signage at an important juncture in the neighborhood of countless cul-de-sacs.
With a limited number of building styles [shapes and colors], necessary couriers — Amazon Prime and FedEx overnight, most assuredly, could lose their way in a series of mazes [no moats needed here to foil barbarous invaders].
Signage — accurate and bold — is a necessity.
Seeing the devastation wreaked upon their sign, residents quickly recovered the scattered blue placards and re-installed them.
The signs read, “Dansk” and “Tiffin.”
Now all you china buffs and buyers don’t need to scratch your heads as to where those names came from. Indeed, we live in the land of Doulton, Jensen, Demby, etc., in the Far Reaches.
Alas, the neighbors’ quick action has been over-riden by either Fairfax County and/or the Virginia Department of Transportation, possibly both. In the rush to erect new signs, a street name was changed, breaking “the pattern,” so to say, and a no-no for fine settings be it at table or on the land.
“Danak” has replaced “Dansk.”
What are we today? How will older GPS’s react to the change? Will Prime and FedEx overnight end deliveries to the newly named artery, forming a critical boundary — to a cemetery?
A crisis of significant proportion.
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