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Where Lincoln ‘Won’ the Presidency: ‘Right Makes Might’

MANDATORY CREDIT: Daniel Shapiro published in New York Post 2013

Wish we had more time in New York last month when we were in lower Manhattan.  As it turned out to make it easier for either a taxi or Uber to get us back to the hotel, we passed through this narrow park and Cooper Union, so we would be heading back Uptown.  Speaking in this building’s Great Hall,Abraham Lincoln’s speech here on slavery in 1859 was a masterpiece and cemented his newly-found national reputation as a political force in the Republican Party.  His was a call from the West that was  at least as important as William Seward’s, an Upstate New Yorker, in the new party.  Lincoln’s address  ended with:

‘Right makes might’ when it comes to defending slavery or abolishing it, “dare to do our duty as we understand it.”


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