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‘What Kind of B…S… is This!’

New Chapter of ‘Dominate the Streets … Dominate the Battlespace’

When I first heard this quote from retired Army Lt. Gen. Russ Honore I wasn’t surprised. I always found Russ Honore to be one of the straightest talkers I ever met socially and certainly I ever interviewed. It sounded as familiar to me as the last time I interviewed him for publication  before he retired from the Army.

It was in the kitchen at the Ike Skelton House on Fort Leonard Wood, Mo; and of course, Honore, who helped bring order to the chaos that was New Orleans after Katrina, had his cigar at the ready then. We were talking about handling POWs, an MP exercise that day, and Guantanamo, where I was about go.

But what Honore was referring to in the recent MSNBC interview was the deployment of full battle-rattle DHS forces with no IDs in Portland, Oregon, and unmarked vehicles.

After the BS description of what happened when a Naval Academy graduate was beaten up by these wannabe special operators, he said, “police don’t do this.”

From 45’s one-time favorite media outlet , Fox News account of the interview, Honore “speculated that ‘they’re wearing these uniforms as a function of intimidation, to look like warriors.'”  No wonder the White House is tilting toward One America News Network [OAN to those in the West Wing know]. “Function of intimidation,” harumph!

Man, they are “warriors” — once against drug cartels and gangsters, but no more we get more game on the streets.


Now the “federal forces” — Praise the Lord for the Patriot Act and the accompanying parcels of bills that flowed out of 9/11 for this happy turn of events — are fending off “violent anarchists” in Portland.

The “violent anarchists” is the mantra in the  prayer beads of yet another of the “acting secretaries” of that ill-conceived, slapped-together, hodge-podge of agencies dubbed “homeland security” uses when pressed.

[Time for a quickie sidebar:  Three “acting” in less than four years of this administration, making it the clear winner in that sweepstakes in the newest federal cabinet position.]

But “Acting” Chad Wolf is only a placeholder in the “grander” scheme of things. He isn’t one of “my generals,” 45’s description of his role as commander-in-chief and command of the Pentagon and all levels of executive power.

His chief non-uniformed General William Barr told the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday “We are on the defense, we are not looking for trouble, and if the state and the city would provide the law enforcement services that other jurisdictions do, we would have no need to have additional marshals in the courthouse.” [Using “general” as the proper honorific for the cabinet official heading the Justice Department.]

Well General Barr may have slid over the facts — just a teensie bit.

Our ever-vigilant federal law enforcement agencies were not quite on “defense,” as a memo from the No. 2 guy at the FBI — remember, “the bureau,” not starring Efrem Zimbalist, wrote June 2, days after George Floyd’s killing.

Remember civics students, in the great flow charts of who works where, “the bureau” is  in General Barr’s domain.

The “Deep State” thinking boys in that eyesore building across Pennsylvania Avenue from the piece de resistance of luxury lodging had pens — more likely keyboards — poised.

What else could it be:  the “best defense is a good offense” macho man theory of rule by firepower.

From today’s “failing” NYT’s front page story  quoting from the memo: “When 9/11 occurred, our folks did not quibble about whether there was danger ahead for them,” [David Bowditch — numero duo] wrote, telling aides that the continuing coronavirus pandemic should not hold them back. “They ran head-on into peril.”

Hmmm, glad that’s “Justice’s” view.  Send the “green light” for the extra fire-power at DHS.

“Run with guns’ is not quite what a retired brigadier in the Massachusetts Army National Guard wrote in the latest ARMY Magazine when dealing with civil unrest. His was an example drawn from his experiences as a young officer  a strike by state employees at a hospital where guardsmen not only protected the facilities but delivered the care to the patients.

Paul Smith wrote, “I learned that de-escalation is much more important than dominance by force in peacekeeping or civil disturbance missions.”

I can’t begin to count how many times I heard this message when I went with American soldiers deployed to the Balkans — before every “presence patrol” and at every “afternoon briefing.” The same message  was constantly reinforced when soldiers were in pre-deployment training for Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Back off” was the guidance; work with the locals — unless.

But under 45, the “unless” is omni-present.  The “cold day in hell’ is always arriving when the galloping feds  will be called upon to enflame the day.

So his “personal militia,” continuing to borrow words from probably a never-Trumper Tom Ridge, first DHS secretary, must be dispatched to the Portlandias of this land.  There, they must wrest control from the “anarchists.”

“Dominate the streets … Dominate the Battlespace.”

It’s always another battle to re-take Fallujah — in the Situation Room.

How long will the “federal forces” be there?

“We’re not leaving until they’ve secured the city,” the leader of the free world said this morning.

Again, PTL for that.

As another “never Trumper,” the worst kind of person, wrote also in today’s NYT before the latest outburst on “secure cities” from 1600 Pennsylvania NW , “One might criticize these moves as errors in judgment — but for the fact that the White House statements demonstrate the president reveling in the use of brutal and aggressive force, especially in cities that he characterized as governed by liberal Democratic mayors.”

Oh Michael Chertoff, another former GOPper DHS secretary alumni — lotta those too, almost running neck -and – neck with the “actings,” you were so wrong. The approved word is “weak.” And always make sure you include the governor — if he or she is also in the “party of socialism and worse.”

But Michael, you were so, so right about “reveling.” That’s what the boy grads from good ole New York Military Academy do.

The “Lone Ranger” has pledged to “clean it out” — not defining “cleaning,” but “it presumably refers to Portland, but could include the whole state or more.

Talk about “endless wars” in the Pacific Northwest, the cradle of “anarchist Utopias.”

But then again, if you are a certain kind of gun-toting “anarchist” who takes over federal property — like the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, also in Oregon, well then that’s a totally different story. You’re simply expressing yourself. You don’t get the “bully boy treatment” even after you’re convicted in a federal court of arson in the takeover.

And wow, think of that.  A pardon and it wasn’t even a “white-collar political crime.” You get 45’s clemency.

OK, Washington Three Percenters [drawn from the estimate of men who fought on the American side in the Revolution] and all you other patriots across the land  “do the recon,” like you rallied for the Glorious Fourth at Mount Rushmore.

Dear Leader has need for intel from Albuquerque, Kansas City, and Chicago.

Or as Russ Honore, who doesn’t call himself  Cajun [white nor was he a graduate of the University of Louisiana -Lafayette, aka University of Southwestern Louisiana] but African-American Creole, put it:

‘What Kind of B…S… is This!’




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