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Three Little Words


“I need you.”  “I miss you.”  “I love you.”  “Another round here.” Contractions and questions are allowed — “Don’t look up [or down]!” “Where is mine?” [Please keep “three little words” family friendly.] And for baseball fans whose teams are leading their divisions now or  are ahead in the wild card races, “any combination of” reaches epic, heroic poetry — just shy of Homer, maybe ahead of Virgil. The “friendly confines” denizens have savored  that already; but like so many frontrunners on the Wrigley bandwagon in the past, they likely are in for a crash. Nationals’ fans without that long history of failure have been filled with fear and loathing in the divisional series for three — likely — of the last five years.  In the photo, Washington Nationals’ Trea Turner is rounding third heading for home.  [Moms everywhere are wondering why does he have to slide — especially head first.  The uniforms get so dirty that way!]

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