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What Could Go Wrong?

Gotterdammerung! [Thank you Richard Wagner for the operatic "Ring"] Let me count the ways [And a hat tip to Elizabeth Barrett Browning -- "Sonnet 43"] "We're going to have to see what happens" [Not to be outdone by some 19th…

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“We Face the Dawn”

Spottswood Robinson and Oliver Hill  John Lewis, C. J. Vivian, Joseph Lowery And Spottswood Robinson, Oliver Hill     I am ripping off the title of Margaret Edds' magnificent book on the long, bitter, and painful struggle to desegregate Virginia's…

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Law and Skin Color and “Crime”

(Getty Images) Slave Patrols and Police: Oh Yes, They're Connected In America, from colonial times, "skin color" was a potential crime. Signs being carried around Lafayette Park in Washington and posted on the eight-foot high fence keeping people from the…

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The Days of “Massive Resistance:” The Pain Remains

[The image is of Oliver Hill and Spottswood Robinson, the two attorneys who spearheaded the Virginia case that was packaged with "Brown." Their statue and one to the Prince Edward students is on the Capitol Grounds.]   To understand Virginia's political…

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Not by Design, By Accident

A Book Review on the Nation's First Black Governor, And Virginia's Racist History for All to See Out at Same Time I finished my review of Doug Wilder's  Son of Virginia, now out in paperback, on Pearl Harbor Day for…

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