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Two T’s in a Pod

Teixeira and Trump—'One Set of Laws for Everyone’ [Maybe not, Jack could also be charged under Uniform Code of Military Justice] The Bond that Binds – Handling Top Secret Classified Material Age Comparisons: 21 vs 76 Rank: Airman First Class,…

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When, Not If — Coup, Not Act of Terror

I start with "coup," not "terror." describing the armed assault on the Capitol Jan. 6, 2021 to block the certification of votes for president/vice president. At the time I posted the keys to evaluating this attack would come down to…

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What Could Go Wrong?

Gotterdammerung! [Thank you Richard Wagner for the operatic "Ring"] Let me count the ways [And a hat tip to Elizabeth Barrett Browning -- "Sonnet 43"] "We're going to have to see what happens" [Not to be outdone by some 19th…

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The Less Than Honorable Solution — Now

Secretary David Shulkin's announcement that the VA was showing long-overdue compassion in treating  veterans with "bad paper discharges" in mental health emergencies has finally started. Think:  Suicide prevention as the key reason. But realize it's but a baby step in…

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