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Gotterdammerung!!!! Foiled!!!! Loser !!!! Caved!!!!

Today on the Roman Catholic ecclesiastical calendar, we are to remember the "Innocents," the two and under males, slaughtered by the wicked King Herod to hold on to his throne. With that as setting, some more secular and current thoughts…

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The Waning Glory: Plague Year 1, Common Era

  As the republic's fate is at hand -- in the Senate, in the mail box, at the polls, before the highest court in the land, the great hibiscus rose in inspiration one last time. The promised pink, and yes,…

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John McCain’s Last Good Fight

At the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on reconfirming Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Sen. John McCain¬† detailed the tension that has strained civilian-military relations especially since the Obama administration's micromanaging of military…

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