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Gotterdammerung!!!! Foiled!!!! Loser !!!! Caved!!!!

Today on the Roman Catholic ecclesiastical calendar, we are to remember the "Innocents," the two and under males, slaughtered by the wicked King Herod to hold on to his throne. With that as setting, some more secular and current thoughts…

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Best Laid Plans; should Have Asked Earlier

Longest Trip of Plague Year 1, Common Era; Or How We Escaped Landing on "Mars" by the Bay I kept it a secret that for our tenth wedding anniversary in 2020 I was planning on us spending it in Hawaii. …

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Return to the Promised Land

'The Springfield Solution'   So in Plague Year 1, Common Era, on my quarterly duty of filling the trusty Honda's tank, coupled with a rare visit to spending money at the Post Office, and a later trek through the "wilds"…

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Print in Pandemic

Tired of Digital "Trending" -- An Antidote I am -- since much of it is either B.S. or "old," days, weeks, months, years, and resurrected from who knows where. QAnon, as good a guess as any and as reliable. The…

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Corona Virus and 1918-1919 Flu Pandemic

This is the piece [with great editing by Sam LaGrone because the article was sent in disparate batches and the patience of three historians in interviewing by phone and e-mail] I did for USNI News on the 1918-1919 flu pandemic…

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