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Return to the Promised Land

'The Springfield Solution'   So in Plague Year 1, Common Era, on my quarterly duty of filling the trusty Honda's tank, coupled with a rare visit to spending money at the Post Office, and a later trek through the "wilds"…

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Re-born to Audio Books; All Hail, Libby.

When I had long commutes -- in time, not miles, I started with Books on Tape, then as cars changed moved onto discs -- Audio Book. I was tired of FM and even later, satellite offerings.  Too much repetition or…

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Morally Correct Commuter: Crossing the Street

Or A Tale of the Ethical Price of Getting to the Other Side Ethics challenges lie in wait -- everywhere and, often, unexpectedly. In this first case study, I had several books to return to the Fairfax City Regional Library…

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