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The ‘Less Than Honorable Solution’: Another Round

To call the military's administrative discharge procedures "capricious" would be an understatement -- recognized by the VA, General Accountability Office, and occasionally federal courts. The Pentagon's ability to "brand someone for life" with "a bad paper" discharge -- not through…

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Law and Skin Color and “Crime”

(Getty Images) Slave Patrols and Police: Oh Yes, They're Connected In America, from colonial times, "skin color" was a potential crime. Signs being carried around Lafayette Park in Washington and posted on the eight-foot high fence keeping people from the…

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‘Trust Us’ in All Matters of Justice

The commission in session hearing the case of the men and woman charged in killing President Abraham Lincoln.  The proceeding was not a trial, very different rules apply.  The United States still employs military commissions in terrorist cases involving foreign…

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