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The Odyssey of an American Revolutionary

  • October 3, 2019

Throughout his life as a frontiersman, a soldier of exceptional courage, and a leader of disparate troops in skill and experience during the Revolution, and as an ardent Federalist, Daniel Morgan remained "purposely vague about his origins," his most recent…

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‘Little House’ Ignites ‘Prairie Fires’

  • June 2, 2018

I was never really a fan of "Little House on the Prairie" although I watched it with my wife and daughter. But I kept reading reviews and hearing from friends that Caroline Fraser's biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Prairie Fires,…

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A Dope Fiend’s Take on Biography

  • October 30, 2017

'Unprovoked Abuse and Senseless Eulogy'   A Dope Fiend's Take on Biography     "Biography, a trade in the silliest anecdotes, in unprovoked abuse and senseless eulogy," that quote certainly caught my eye the other night, having spent more time…

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Candice Millard on Biography

  • June 15, 2017

"Writing about someone I know is living seems absolutely terrifying to me," the recipient of the 2017 Bio award said at the Biographer's International Organization conference's luncheon Saturday, May 20, in Boston. Candice Millard said to write biography is climbing…

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