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Gotterdammerung!!!! Foiled!!!! Loser !!!! Caved!!!!

Today on the Roman Catholic ecclesiastical calendar, we are to remember the "Innocents," the two and under males, slaughtered by the wicked King Herod to hold on to his throne. With that as setting, some more secular and current thoughts…

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What Could Go Wrong?

Gotterdammerung! [Thank you Richard Wagner for the operatic "Ring"] Let me count the ways [And a hat tip to Elizabeth Barrett Browning -- "Sonnet 43"] "We're going to have to see what happens" [Not to be outdone by some 19th…

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Jackson’s Inauguration; Trump’s Denouement

"The People House" in March 1829; "Are You F...... Insane, People's House?" starting June 2020. So remember when Steve Bannon was the "Grand Wizard" of 45 strategy. Yep in those days, before being fired by Dear Leader and years before…

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‘What Kind of B…S… is This!’

New Chapter of 'Dominate the Streets ... Dominate the Battlespace' When I first heard this quote from retired Army Lt. Gen. Russ Honore I wasn't surprised. I always found Russ Honore to be one of the straightest talkers I ever…

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