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Stopping by

I was so glad Lillian and I and Sheila could squeeze time to get together in Chicago during our visit there over the Columbus Day [Chicago Marathon] weekend. At her direction, we breakfasted at Valois in Hyde Park, near the University of Chicago.

With its assembly-line efficiency at service — cash only, like the real Billy Goat tavern on Lower Wacker/Michigan, we settled the fate of “legacy newspapers” — conceivably applying to the Daily Press/Pilot amalgamation included, American political divisions, and a few other things — world peace, etc.. Of course, we were sitting at the Presidential Table, the one used by Barack Obama when he is back home and a regular customer of the 53rd and Stony Island eatery.

Our plates unfortunately cover his tabletop picture. Never would have happened if I had been trained under Bea Kopp and Jim Livengood. And almost as a matter of course, for Chicago, it was barely above freezing and the wind was gusting to 40 miles per hour on a crystal clear Saturday morning.

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