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So Where’s the Polish?

PTL, the Times Food Section spent time describing one of Chicago’s greatest offerings to mankind — the Italian beef.
Of course, the piece fou-fou’ed around it offering variations of one sort or another — including vegan, but came back to the honest-to-goodness Italian beef..
And they genuflected before deep dish pizza and Chicago hot dogs, but how in Urbs in Horto [city’s slogan — “City in a garden”] could they at least make a bow to “A Chicago Polish.”
The king of sausage sandwiches, which may or may not have begun in that Den of Thieves, Maxwell Street [for all you old TV fans, the inspiration of Hill Street Blues].
Eight-hundred thousand Poles living in the city and County of Cook and the Times couldn’t acknowledge another taste treat.
I guess it “wasn’t fit to print.”
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