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Re-born to Audio Books; All Hail, Libby.

When I had long commutes — in time, not miles, I started with Books on Tape, then as cars changed moved onto discs — Audio Book. I was tired of FM and even later, satellite offerings.  Too much repetition or talk I wasn’t interested in.  I hated Howard Stern’s or Don Imus’ all-about-me idiocy; and “right wing nut” or “evangelical shout outs” turned my stomach.
I am re-born to the medium, and there are other converts.
In my case, outside of the car, the stories — non-fiction and fiction — moved far  too slowly for my taste.  Only when forced into to listen during almost a year of rehabilitation following four detached retina surgeries did I reluctantly come back to that form.
Now, I’m back — through Libby [the Library app], because I’m trudging the “mean streets” of a three-model home, 200 plus sites in a Fairfax County subdivision.
I measure distance by time elapsed and not FitBit steps.
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