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Print in Pandemic

Tired of Digital “Trending” — An Antidote
I am — since much of it is either B.S. or “old,” days, weeks, months, years, and resurrected from who knows where.
QAnon, as good a guess as any and as reliable.
The Postal Service came through yesterday.
Yes, one package contains DVDs, but also a printed key index.
Not shown is the Smithsonian Calendar.
I think I will call that “The Book of Days.”
Original poem by my “good friend” Ovid.
Twice visited his exile home — Constanza, Romania, until recently a Black Sea gambling/resort beach town
Another “good friend,” Enya, County Donegal’s own, sang us the whole “Book of Days” back — in Gaelic [Irish, if you’re in the Republic] around the time of the First Gulf War.


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