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Post-It from DJT to Governors: ‘You got the virus’ [literally]; We got the streets, schools’

Graffiti from recent demonstrations covers an area outside the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse in Portland on July 8. Protesters are facing off not just against the Portland police but a group of federal agents.

Or “Black Helicopters,” “Secrets of the New World Order,” and Ken Cuccinelli

For years, I thought the “Black Helicopter” stories swooping out of the night skies to rain terror down on American streets by grabbing any and all in establishing the “New World Order” were only the currency of the right-wing nut jobs.

Boy, I was so wrong!

Yep, the old “New World Order” — populated by villains of the moment, all Clintons [probably back to DeWitt] and George Soros [due at least to longevity] come to mind is history.

Really the new “New World Order,” ham-fistedly led by Ken Cuccinelli — my onetime fluke for a Virginia state senator and 45’s immigration eminence grise, is all I need to know in this life-and-death struggle.

Remember the battle cry — not “Hoo-ah” or “Hoo-rah” of the Army or Marines, but …

“Dominate the streets … Dominate the battlespace!” raised for the famous battle of Lafayette Square.

As “Dear Leader” said about the new front in Portland, “the locals couldn’t handle it.” If any of the faithful and faithless missed that point, he said underlined that point: “You know, if you look at what’s gone on in Portland, those are anarchists and we’ve taken a very tough stand. If we didn’t take a stand in Portland, you know we’ve arrested many of these leaders. If we didn’t take that stand, right now you would have a problem like you, you — they were going to lose Portland. So let’s see…”

And by golly, “the senior official performing the duties of the deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security”  and key member of the federal coronavirus task force led that stand in “Rose City”

He put  the full panoply of its Homeland Security’s SWAT forces [minus Coast Guard], all in camo, heavy battle-rattle, no name tags — wouldn’t want those showing up on a phone camera — using unmarked vans, on Portland, Oregon’s streets, to add menace to mayhem.

We’re not “going to lose Portland,”  by golly!

For those multitudes who didn’t live in the “fast-growing 37th district,” to quote my hometown newspaper to describe “the senior official’s” home turf , Cuccinelli  ran an anti-abortion, opposed to a sales tax increase that was on the upcoming November ballot and backed home-schooling campaign to win  a special August 2002 election.

A whopping 16 percent of my senatorial district went to the polls that day.

To say the Catholic parishes — certainly the one I belonged to — didn’t remind one and all how important this election was for pro-life advocacy on the Senate floor in Richmond would be to deaf, dumb, and blind.

In the four-week campaign, my parish’s parking lot for Saturday evening two and Sunday masses five — every one of them — had Cuccinelli material stuck under windshield wipers. Never saw any for his opponent.

Wonder if pastor later convicted of embezzling $400,000 didn’t give the ushers “special duty” and “dispensation” from being in attendance during Mass itself during that month to leaflet the cars and mini-vans that filled the lot to overflowing.

God’s work with man’s hand.

Hmmm! Isn’t that a wonderment?

Not really.

And so the young man’s ultra star rose and rose and rose into the attorney general’s office in the commonwealth until he narrowly lost to Terry McAuliffe for all the marbles in Richmond.

OK, time to ring up the Clintons again, Whitewater, Benghazi, Bimbo explosions. McAuliffe, a carpetbagger from Upstate New York, was a big-, big-, big [you can stick a few more of those in]-time fundraiser for Bill and Hillary before he launched his own campaign.

And yep, Terry’s appears ready to roll again this November since the Old Dominion holds its chief executives to single terms.  But you can take a break and come back.  Worked for Mills Goodwin as a Democrat and then as a Republican. Don ‘t think McAuliffe will do a party switcheroo — if he gets into the race.

But at least in my time I  can now set aside worries about the Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, Marxists, Leninists, Maoists, Ho’ists, Black Panthers, anarchists, socialists, and antifa. And sometimes, BLM [in both manifestations — Bureau of Land Management and Black Lives Matter], NAACP, ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center.

The “States Are on Their Own” in the “wartime president’s” assessment of that passing virus distraction, but like the dictum from Washington to every school in the nation — “Open Up or Face Our Wrath!!!!,” we got SWAT guys and gals to spare for local clean-up.

Since the following groups were never mentioned even back in those innocent days, I continue to have no need to lose sleep over  National Socialists, aka Nazis, fascists, Kluxers, John Birchers, you-pick-a-name here Militia  — look up Bundy family and you’ll get a bunch of ’em to add to the list because I am guessing they all mighta been the old Old World Order, so were excluded already.

The new “militias” could be in the words of a Nixon aide in a bygone era “our people now” in “Dear Leader’s” auxiliary force certainly to parade before news cameras in the liberation of state Capitols.

As to whether they would meet the needs of bringing Portland back to its senses, well, we have “generals” for that, sort of like Kentucky colonels.

Former “General” Cuccinelli, as AGs federal and state are called, with the New World Order — spun out of group-think fantasies from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW — has matters on the streets of Portland may well in iron-gloved hand, if not the coronavirus assuredly.

Now, Cuccinelli’s marching orders should be: “Liberate Michigan! Liberate Minnesota! Liberate Virginia [where his political star first rose out parish parking lots in the far reaches of Fairfax]!”

Oregon has tasted “liberation” and not even the Barr Justice Department U.S. attorney for the state likes it.

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