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Peaceful Transfer? We Can’t Even Deliver the Mail

To two friends in Charlottesville,
You have won the Louis DeJoy Postal Service prize for the card that took the longest to deliver. Adding to the laurels of this honor is how minor the distance was —  a relatively short –120 miles from your house to ours, though postmarked in Richmond, but 90 miles from us, and intrastate, all the way.
Dec. 12 to Jan. 20.
 PTL for Postmaster Louis DeJoy, who brought the  the politics of the post office, if not the joys of patronage, to the front of the lies over “rigged elections.”  And this “master of disaster” likely will be in place for the “uncivil war” that is not going away anytime soon.
Your card was delivered to us just outside the armed camp [15 miles away], locked-down Capitol a few hours after the “peaceful transfer of power” took place in a changed world.
But not a war with Iran as you feared in the note.
We have a metastasizing “uncivil war” like runaway Stage 4 cancers [plural intentional]..
More than 20,000 National Guard soldiers and airmen with weapons on the streets, presumably locked and loaded, up-armored Humvees blocking intersections, fencing blocking off huge sections of the city, bridges closed, and military and police helicopters flying day and night recons from Sunday night on puts the lie to that repeated television anchor/commentator claim of “peaceful transfer.”
Hey, sooth-sayers on the air, in print, digitally, want to add how many police from the district, federal agencies, Maryland and Virginia, were also there?  I just piled “peaceful transfer” on top of  your “bipartisan” sooth-saying claims in the vote for a second impeachment of the man who incited the mob storming the Capitol.  Ten is bipartisan out of a caucus of more than 200?  One-hundred and ninety-seven Republicans voted against impeachment, despite their lives being threatened by the organized gangs  rampaging through their place of business.
The question remains.
What happens when all this “force” leaves? Are we back to the gun-toters bullying their way into state Capitols, “militias” and “patriots” plotting kidnappings and “drilling,”  more zealots storming the Capitol with zip ties and weapons?
To my mind yesterday, the United States looked every bit the  “banana republic, another example of a “failed state.” The military and police in place and patrolling Washington made American “presence patrols” in Bosnia look like “cops on the beat.”
“Democracy prevailed,” hunhh? I thought Benjamin Franklin called it a “Republic,” while warning  “if you can keep it.”
Count me among the Jeremiahs and the Cassandras in trying to divine whether the “you can keep it” afterthought holds.


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