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Now Is The Time: 3:06 A.M. — Vaccination Request Received Phone Alert

Photo from Bloomberg News

“We have your form, but we ain’t got enough vaccine” should have been what the robo-call said when the landline phone rang [didn’t hear the cell or check the twin e-mails sent] that arrived this morning.

Yep, 3:06 in the dark morning; not to be confused with the 5:30ish p.m. Monday call and one e-mail, not to me, telling us the same thing.

Willing to be Mike and Karen Pence didn’t get a call like that at a time like that.

Chalk this up to the “you’re on your gang” at the White House and secretary of Health and Human Services when they say “we’re emptying the reserves to make sure everyone gets a shot.”

Of course, there were no “reserves,” so there goes Joe Biden’s plan as well.

And doubling the “of courses,” 45’s Secretary Alex Azar was submitting his resignation at the same time, saying the zealots’ attack on the Capitol “could” tarnish the president’s legacy. [Betting he had his fingers crossed behind his back when he made the “needles in all arms plan.”}

So good citizens us, trying to “synch” our anti-this Plague shots [I’m ancient, so was in a different, earlier category for COVID-19], we tried the Fairfax County Health Department’s website before 10 a.m. yesterday.

Of course, the site crashed, stalled, and crashed again.

With about a two-hour pause, we tried again; and bowing to outdated custom, ladies first, we both were into the site, completed the form, submitted, and went about our day.

Until 3:06 Tuesday morning.

“We’re on our own now!”



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