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In The Wake of the News: A Salute to David Condon

Buried, I repeat buried on an inside business page of the NYT was the shocking news of the sale of Topps trading cards to Fanatics.
To a die-hard buyer of Topps baseball cards [and my mother did not throw them away; I lost them], the story was as shocking as the day I learned the “war with Bowman” over who had the better card had ended in the 1950s [Personally, never cared much for either’s gum.] Topps had bought out Bowman’s killed it and then resurrected it. And sad to admit, I missed the earlier sale of Topps to a company owned by Michael Eisner — former head of Disney.
Price for Topps Entertainment [more than the cards] $500 million.
Price for Washington Post paid by Jeff Bezos $250 million [not factoring in inflation.
Price for Tribune Company paid by Alden — which already owned a good hunk of it $278 million.
And why the Top of the News?
Although the Tribune was banned from our house, a secret pleasure, especially when riding the El, was to find the sports section and read Dave Condon’s column — on the stars of the cards — and much else of great interest to me.
Whether the Trib has continued “In the Wake of the News” at 2020 with columnist number whatever remains a mystery to me.
Condon would have nailed the sale — in perspective.
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