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“If It’s Sunday, It’s Meet the Press!” Or Not

At Least Henry VIII Said It Was …

Not so fast, in this post – Tim Russert age.

We, at least for one day in July, have re-entered the age of miracles with the end times of a white Baptist congregation in Alabama and the question of presidential adultery being settled with a “let us pray.”

Or maybe we’re walking down the dark corridors of what is faith or is there such an intangible as  faith or is it all really feeling comfortable in some form, words, song — pleasing to a sense of order by ritual for latter-day Augustines?


And then on this Sabbath, there is “The Secret History of Leviticus.” The late Antonin Scalia is certainly turning over in his grave if this “originalist” opinion on the Bible proved true. Oh boy!

Wonder what the congregation in Alabama would have to say about that?

End times for sure.

I turn the whole matter over to the Grahams.

So, “if it’s Sunday,” what follows the conditional lead-in …



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