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How We Got Where We Are — On The Sunny Side of the Street!


Instead of “digging out” after Thursday night’s and Friday morning’s dropping of a “couple of inches” of snow, I marveled at Lillian’s observation with our real estate agent Nancy Bossard 11 years ago when we bid on the manse in the far reaches of Fairfax.
First, since both of had townhouses, a little more than four miles — sideways — from the manse, a garage was a must.
No more digging out cars only to have them “plowed back in” by mounds of icy slush! [Garage image, exhibit A]
But more to the point, although we were neighbors to decades, I lived on the “sunny side,” Lillian on the “shady.”
In the winter, Richie Havens’ “Here Comes the Sun” didn’t work for her sidewalk and steps.
As exhibits A and B prove, the sun’s “compressing” new TV weather term, or its perennial “melting” power worked yesterday at the manse near the marches of Prince William.
No shoveling.
[And a special thanks to Nancy’s diligence after a more than fair offer for a similar manse — needing much more work to pull it out of the dark ages — in same subdivision was summarily rejected — less than three hours w/o at least “can we talk,” wrote every owner of a similar style home saying “if you’re selling, I’ve got a buyer.}
The day we walked through and bid on the manse was almost a repeat of yesterday and today. Snow all over the place from an earlier storm and below freezing.
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