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How I Turned the Nationals’ Fate Around from My Sofa

I have a witness to how I turned the Nationals around last night. Now, Lillian cannot be compelled to testify against me in court [or at least the story line goes].  She can state I said as Adam Lind was coming in to pinch hit in the eighth, “We [Nationals] have to do it now,” easy to say with the top of the order following Lind. I was remembering what he did on Opening Day.  His first swing as a Nat was a homer against the Marlins.  I wasn’t greedy last night. And the Nationals were down by two.


A single, a walk, getting hit by a pitch would do. When, not if, he reaches first, put in a pinch runner.


Of course, Lind delivered — as he has so often in 2017.



Flash forward [ignoring Trea Turner’s propensity to swing at low — almost in the dirt and outside pitches] to Bryce Harper coming to bat.


When the court went to 3-1, I told him, “Kiss it, Bryce!” He did.  A mammoth homerun but not to the harvest moon as a number of friends on Facebook [and life] posted and the Post’s Tom Boswell columnized.


The upper deck in right field was enough.


I was done for the night.


Manager Dusty’s lads were back in the game.


And I have a witness!

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