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Here’s to You and Yours

Pandemic Streak Ends on Misty Saturday:
What started on May 16, in the year of the plague 2020, was broken Saturday. To break the pandemic rhythm of closed-in monotony — walking the same subdivision — 200 plus homes in four basic styles; finishing up large gulps of Amazon Prime, premium and basic cable series, and a few odds and ends — groceries every week to 10 days, we were spending Saturday evenings on the deck.
Dinner, wine, conversation about things we hadn’t [usually discussed or ranted over — your choice] during the week. We had lucked out until Saturday. Forget the spring of rains and cold, warm enough and dry on Saturday. Put aside the summer of sweltering heat and afternoon downpours, cool enough and dry enough, again until Saturday. We adjourned to the dining room — virtually untouched by human occupancy since the year before.
Dinner menu mixed — heavy oeur d’oeurves, once; grilled steak several times; grilled kebabs — chicken, beef, shrimp and veggies once; hamburgers once; peppers and sausage once; grilled chicken breasts at least once.
Wine: Mondavi Chardonnay.
Why, Mondavi, simple, like its taste and either it or Sebastiani was the first winery I ever visited more than 50 years ago.
Oh yes, we are prepared to resume outdoor service — weather permitting.
Otherwise, there’s always the dining room.
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