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Getting Back on Track

After last year’s government shutdown that ended a string of visits between Christmas and New Year’s that in my case covered more than 25 years and not to many fewer for Lillian to the National Gallery of Art [West Wing], we were back with a vengeance Saturday Dec. 28.


Three reasons: there is always a spectacular exhibit. this year it was Andrea Verrocchio, Leonardo Da Vinci’s master and a pre-eminent Florentine artist and sculptor in his own right. My reason for wanting to see this exhibit is my modern foreign language was Italian and in my freshman year in college, we spent a semester — not on art, but on the d’Medicis. And yep, Verrocchio and his studio were their go-to guy[s].


Secondly, the holiday and Christmas cards in the main floor [not concourse] are spectacular, year after year. For those who continue the Victorian tradition of sending cards, BUY, BUY, BUY them at the NGA and really save after Christmas.


Thirdly, the decorations at the main entrance off the National Mall are worth the visit. “Fleet-footed” Mercury never looked better on his pedestal when surrounded by poinsettias.

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