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Don’t Mess with Texas — Freeze a Yankee Campaign

You gotta love Texas Governor Greg Abbott blaming wind turbines that froze in the storm, green energy initiatives all round, for a power system the Texans bequeathed to themselves decades ago -- because they were "rich" with petroleum and natural…

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“They Cannot Stop Me”

So said Texas Republican Louie Gohmert as he two-stepped around the metal detectors set up in the Capitol during the week following the "living in the moment" mob rained mayhem and threatened violence on anyone charged with carrying  a congressional…

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Gotterdammerung!!!! Foiled!!!! Loser !!!! Caved!!!!

Today on the Roman Catholic ecclesiastical calendar, we are to remember the "Innocents," the two and under males, slaughtered by the wicked King Herod to hold on to his throne. With that as setting, some more secular and current thoughts…

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Buddha on Burke Station Road … And Then Gone

2020 New Time of Tribulation, Like 1975 Coming down a twisting hillside on an out-of-date country two-lane,  just before it dead-ends at a four-lane roadway named for a pre-Revolution British general, there was set on the highest point visible --…

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