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Hot Dogs! Get Your Hot Dogs Here!

So maybe the vendors aren't working their ways around the stands much anymore, but there still is the "All-American" Frankfurter to savor in a park, on the street, at a counter or booth. So on the list of 15 here,…

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“Well Now, I’ve Seen Everything”

Not Really But a Walk-Off, Two-Run Error and THE Trophy from That Championship Year Doesn't Happen Every Day!!!!! I Love Milwaukee Fielders!!!! [Brewers on Defense Gave 'Us' the Game and a Championship] With friends Larry and Jacki Moffi, Lillian and…

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An Enjoyable Afternoon with Old Friends

So it was off to Downtown Baltimore from the Far Reaches of Fairfax Saturday to take in the Jim Henson and the Muppets exhibit at the Maryland Center for History and Culture [aka Maryland Historical Society. Greeting us was Kermit,…

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Soon there will be “no there there.”

Class Portrait: Reggie Jackson, Sal Bando, Rollie Fingers, Jim Hunter The best foul territory for pitchers probably in baseball history. Gone, the California Golden Seals [NHL} Gone, the Oakland Oaks [ABA] Gone, the Oakland Raiders [NFL, twice] Gone, the…

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Two T’s in a Pod

Teixeira and Trump—'One Set of Laws for Everyone’ [Maybe not, Jack could also be charged under Uniform Code of Military Justice] The Bond that Binds – Handling Top Secret Classified Material Age Comparisons: 21 vs 76 Rank: Airman First Class,…

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The Limits of Biography

The Limits on Writing a Biography [Authors Q & A with Jonathan Eig] New York Times Book Review, May 28, 2023 How cognizant did you need to be of your own perspective, as a white man, in approaching a figure like…

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Mayan Superhighways

Ever since the plague descended on the manse in the Far Reaches of Fairfax [as well as the rest of the globe], I've noticed great changes in patterns of travel, even now more local during the week during most waking…

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