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So Where’s the Polish?

PTL, the Times Food Section spent time describing one of Chicago's greatest offerings to mankind -- the Italian beef. Of course, the piece fou-fou'ed around it offering variations of one sort or another -- including vegan, but came back to…

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Turning the Plague Around — Maybe

Before Biden Speaks Today, Every Seventh Son of Ireland [and Diaspora] Needs to Step Up and Do His Part.   [Would Help if Fans of Willie Dixon, Mose Allison and Johnny Rivers Did their Part Too! Secret Charms and 7th…

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Apologia: No Christmas Letter This Year

For the first time in more than a decade, there was no letter in Christmas/Seasons Greetings card. [Most of the cards were from the Nelson Line Museum collection, as above] The reasons were simple and as complex as the continuing…

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My First Iconic Baseball Hero — Minnie Minoso

Tyler Kepner's Case for His Placement in Cooperstown. I didn't need today's New York Times story on Minoso to believe he deserves to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame -- with former teammates, second baseman Nellie Fox and shortstop…

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Save the Hibiscus; Save the Fern [and 1 other]

Last year, during one wave of the plague, the two hibiscus plants on the deck were welcomed to the basement office for winter hibernation. Sad to say, only one survived. This year, Lillian has rallied to save the survivor from…

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