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Campania, Here I Come

Pre-History Pizza
We all have the bias that events before we were born are relegated to ancient times. In the case of “every Friday night” dinner — pizza, mine starts with Ike Sewell’s [a Texas ex] with Rudy Malnati Sr.’s recipe opened Pizzeria Uno on Chicago’s Near North Side at least month’s before I arrived.
Deep Dish pizza is in my DNA.
While I needed to go no farther than the Chicago Avenue el stop and then walk a few blocks as a teen-ager, Laura Rysman headed out to Elaine Ferrante country [check out her four Naples-centered novels — they’re translated into English] on a for real “pilgrimage for pizza.”
[I’m unsure whether indulgences in pizza knocks time off in Purgatory. Maybe that guy Dante, from Florence, can answer the question, but she certainly indulged for NYT readers.]
Campania, here I come!
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