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Before Applying, Buy a Wheelbarrow

A million years ago, in one of my appearances at a “Newspaper in Education” session, an elementary school student — fourth or fifth grader in Newport News — asked me “what do you do?”
They had already heard from two reporters and a photographer [the group, especially the boys, were really attracted to all that gear.]
I said, “I get paid to read.” I wasn’t going to try to explain newsroom management since onof the reporters already ID’d me as his “boss.”
That got a big laugh from the kids and the teacher.
With double digit libel suits pending, I was “reading” in a far different way than Molly Young, an NYT book critic, reads.
To her, the books come by the tons and claims she needs a wheelbarrow to move them about her apartment to stay in the sun while she “works” reading.
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