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Anticipation … Is keepin’ me waitin’ — Big time


Forget the Heinz ketchup commercial using Carly Simon’s waiting for Cat Stevens’ arrival for a date hit Anticipation. But if you’re old enough, remember it from 1971 and being on pins and needles for something big. Well, it was like that for me last week.

I knew a review on Maury was coming in Northern Mariner, published by the Canadian Nautical Research Society in association with the North American Society for Oceanic History. For a book on oceanography and one of its pioneers, this was important notice.
When it arrived yesterday, I ripped the mailer off, scanned the index and raced to the page.

Historian Louis Arthur Norton’s review ends:

“I highly recommend John Grady’s biography of this naval genius [Matthew Fontaine Maury], southern gentleman, and occasional curmudgeon.”

You can read full review, starting on page 86:…/…/tnm_26_br_69-121.pdf

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