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All Aboard — A Drag Show; Some Like It Hot — 1959 Billy Wilder Style

So last night as the Canadian wildfires momentarily took a smoke abatement break over the Manse, we invited Messrs Lemon and Curtis to perform with Ms. Monroe for a little less than two hours.

No, we wanted Drag perfection — in living B&W, not Bob Hope 20 years earlier, a Korean version later, and certainly not a Broadway musical extravaganza [hey, an “all-girl band” is critical to the story, already].

With the action split between lovely Chicago, picture perfect Elliot Ness Untouchables’ style, and sinful Florida, before its recent cleansing, we laughed and cheered.

[Wilder’s best “Florida touch:” San Diego’s Hotel Del Coronado transplanted cinematically to the “Sunshine State.”]

As Joe E. Brown says at the end when Lemon reveals himself as a man: “Well, nobody’s perfect” and off they sped to his yacht.

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