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A Page of Periods & A Tome on Semi-Colons

My mentor at the Daily Press in Newport News, Bill Hockstedler, jokingly would pass around a sheet full of periods to reporters who believed that every reader needed to be exposed to the joy and complexity of the Latin periodic sentence.
[See link to see if a semi-colon or period would not improve that sentence.]
“When you run out, we’ve got more,” the World War II Marine veteran would say as he laid the sheet by their “Selectrics” at first and keyboards later.
I picked up the practice — again jokingly [as part of a drive, supported by the owners to sharpen reporting, editing and writing by bringing in guest speakers].
Pls note this sentence for dashes and brackets; dashes figure into the link.
Now comes a slim volume on the joy of the “semi-colon.”
So enjoy.
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